Margin preparation of CeraRoot implants December 19, 2014 12:34

After 3 to 4 months post-surgery, it can be found in some occasions, that the gum shrinks below the prosthetic margin of the implant. Before proceeding with the implant margin preparation, it is important to evaluate if more quantity of keratinized gum is needed around the implant. If that is the case, a GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration) and or GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) might be recommended to cover more implant surface.

In the following case, the implant did not require soft tissue augmentation, and therefore the margin of the implant was prepared to a more apical position, in order for the crown to start at gum level.


Surgery: Dr. João Mouzinho (Porto, Portugal). CeraRoot 14 – 10mm long placed in a healed site. conventional crown & bridge impressions, ALL-CERAMIC crown.



The implant remains at its maximum physical strength when none of its structure it’s modified. That is why we have different shapes of abutments already pre-shaped. In some occasions, the dental professional might find appropriate to prepare the implant structure to improve the aesthetic appearance of the crown.

The image below, shows an example of the diamond grain size that should be used for margin preparation. Usually Yellow or White color identification.

ONLY use  “superfine” orrecomm-grain-size “ultrafine” diamond grain size. Do not apply force with the burr to the abutment when grinding/polishing. Very
gentle handling.
Always use maximum water spray during the preparation. Do not polish or grind the abutment without water spray.


These are the recommended burr shapes:shape2shape5shape1shape3not-recomm-grain-sizemargin-prep


Removing a titanium dental implant from the mouth November 24, 2014 18:42

YES, it is possible to remove a titanium implant from the mouth.

When the dentist has the right tools, the procedure is simple. MUCH more simple than the surgery needed to place the implant.

Patients that report metal sensitivities or patients unpleased of showing a metal ring at the gum level, there are many reasons that a patient could ask a dentist to have the metal (titanium) implant removed.

Below we are going to describe step by step, how the surgery/treatment is performed:

This patient has 2 titanium implants in the upper left side of the mouth and a metal-ceramic bridge.


When the bridge that is screwed on the titanium implants is removed, it can be seen that there has been an oxidation process and the the different metals have corroded, creating a metal tattoo in the surrounding tissues of the implants.

This is one kit that can be used as an example, to remove a titanium dental implant from a patients mouth.

These are two parts that are assembled together and screwed to the implant. Once the implant and the tow parts are connected together, with the help of a special wrench, the metal implant can be unscrewed using high torque. With local anesthesia, there is absolutely no pain.


Once the torque wrench has reached high values, the implant is easily unscrewed.

Once the two titanium implants are removed from the bone, the dentist has to decide if the patient has enough bone to place the CeraRoot zirconia implant at the same time, or the socket has to be grafted with bone and wait some months for healing. This patient had better bone situation in the posterior implant, and therefore a CeraRoot implant could be placed on the same day. The anterior implant socket did not have enough thickness of bone to be able to place the CeraRoot zirconia (ceramic) implant.

The extraction socket in the front is grafted with artificial bone and closed with the patients own gum.

After 1 month, it can be seen that the extraction socket of the anterior implant is completely healed. The zirconia implant has some stains because the patient has brushed the implant very gently following the instructions.


A summary of all the steps to remove the titanium implants.

This is the final x-ray after the CeraRoot implant has been placed, on the same day that the titanium implants were removed. The missing implant, will be placed in a few months, when the bone heals and the new ceramic implant can be placed with good guarantees. When the case is finished we will post the end result.