Periotest M

To evaluate stability/osseointegration of implants on placement and on time of definitive crown delivery.


Measurement of dental implant osseointegration goes wireless.

Periotest – the world’s most widely used instrument for measuring osseointegration of dental implants – is now available as a hand-held mobile unit called Periotest M. Objective assessment of implant stability has become even simpler. The wireless unit gives you maximum freedom of movement and you no longer need a place to stand the unit close to the patient. The lithium ion battery is recharged in the battery charger – just like a cordless phone.

What many implantologists are looking for is a quick and simple means of objectively assessing whether osseointegration has been successful and the implants they have placed can be loaded. We have developed the Periotest M to provide a solution which can be seamlessly integrated into the workflow of any implantology practice. The concept of the Periotest M is impressively simple: a single switch activates the unit and starts the measurement, the test results are shown on the unit’s integral display.

All the strengths of the Periotest measuring technique have been retained, especially its versatility: measurements can be taken on a wide range of different implant types without any special accessories, such as a transmit- ter. This makes the Periotest a highly cost-effective measuring instrument.

Furthermore, it can be used at all stages of implant treatment measurement of primary stability, monitoring during the healing phase and final checks on the finished prosthesis. Being able to take a measurement on the final crown can provide very valuable information. Reports indicate that one in ten implants is susceptible to periimplantitis 15 years after placement, at the latest. Monitoring with the Periotest enables early detection and treatment of this disease.

It is therefore recommmended to measure implants with the Periotest as a matter of routine. That gives both implantologist and patient confirmation of a successful outcome.

Made in Germany


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