Starter Offer (10 implants + surgical kit)

10 Implants + Surgical Kit with ALL the instruments.


This is a ONE-TIME offer for FIRST time user.

Instruments in the surgical kit:

Initial Drill  (steel)
2.3mm Twist Drill   (steel)
2.8mm Twist Drill   (steel)
3.5mm Twist Drill   (steel)
4.2mm Twist Drill (steel)
Bur Extension
Right angle adapter 4x4
Countersink 11   (steel)
Countersink 14/34    (steel)
Countersink 16    (steel)
Countersink 21    (steel)
Impactor for CeraRoot 14
Transporter 11
Transporter 16 Long
Transporter 16 Short
Transporter 12
Transporter 21
Transporter 34
Surgical Box/ Cassette
Ceramic Tray
Torque Ratchet/Wrench


If you want to upgrade the KIT with ceramic drills ==> add 323 USD


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