Synthetic Bone graft



Cerasorb® Dental M is an exciting development in bone regeneration that provides enhanced porosity for better resorption in most bone grafting and dental implant procedures.

  • new generation of pure-phase ß-tricalcium phosphate (BTCP)
  • unique interconnecting porosity that allows it to be completely resorbed while simultaneously creating new bone formation
  • bone quality comparable to autogenous bone, the gold standard for bone grafting techniques

Developed through 20 years of research, Cerasorb produces quality bone without having to harvest an autogenous graft or the risk of disease transmission from cadaveric bone—a growing concern for many patients and clinicians.

Cerasorb® has been the subject in more than 160 leading scientific journals.

Cerasorb is used by leading implant dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and periodontists for a variety of clinical indications:


  • Socket preservation
  • Ridge augmentations
  • Sinus lifts and other bone grafting needs
  • Key features and benefits of the material:
  • Porosity: Cerasorb® M maintains about 65% porosity, allowing bone growth not only from the exterior surface, but from the extensive surface area within the granules.
  • Osteoconductive: The capillary effect of the blood mixed with Cerasorb® M promotes the osteoblasts to stimulate the initial matrix of bone formation or scaffolding.
  • Resorption: Cerasorb® M will quickly turn over to quality vital bone within 4-12 months depending on the location and size of the defect and the patient characteristics.
  • Cost effective: Cerasorb provides significant savings when compared to most biologically-based bone grafting materials.
  • Broad Usage for Grafting: The 3 different granule sizes cover virtually all dental indications.

Learn the benefits of using Cerasorb by attending a dental meeting or one of many workshops led by respected clinicians across the country.

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