Healing Rings

IMPORTANT: These healing rings are placed on the implant on the day of surgery and maintained in place by adding some drops of flowable composite, and then once ring is firmly stable, then the soft tissue is sutured around it. After 3 or 4 months of healing, using a thin carbide or diamond bur, it is very easy to cut it in half, and then the margin of the implant is visible so the impressions are more accurate and there is less tendency of bleeding. We recommend only to use this healing ring if you think you will have excess of soft tissue. If you are using it when doing immediate implants, make sure the flowable composite does not flow down the shoulder of the implant. Do not cement to adhere the healing ring in place. Only use flowable composite. If you remove the healing ring to take impressions, it is recommended to use another healing ring to avoid the gum from collapsing over the shoulder of the implant, so that on day of crown cementation, local anesthesia might not be necessary. These rings are made of PMMA. Disinfected before using them with Clorhexidine or Iodine. Do not autoclave them.

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